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Ron Gerson

Owner / Broker


After being discharged from the USAF, Ron tried his hand at several things before landing at General Electric, Southern California Division, as their Advertising and Sales Promotion Specialist.
When Ron moved back to Florida he was able to stay with GE as an inside salesman for their Consumer Electronics Division.

He then had an opportunity to work for American Savings and Loan Association of Florida which at the time was the third largest Savings and Loan in the country with over 5 billion dollars in assists. Ron worked as a manager in their Administrative Offices located in their Operations Center.
After leaving the Savings and Loan industry, Ron and his wife Debbie, opened DeInarr Business Forms in 1985 and specialized in servicing the financial industry. In 2001, they sold DeInarr Business Forms and moved to Melbourne where he decided to try his hand at Real Estate.
After a couple of years as a Sales Associate for first Arvida and then Coldwell Banker, he and his good friend, Tom Naigler, decided to try it on their own… Both went back to class and completed the required classes, passed their Broker’s exam and opened Thomas Kay Realty in 2004.
Tom left Thomas Kay Realty in 2005 as the real estate market began to fail. The name Thomas Kay Realty came from Tom’s attempt at building homes. Tom was Thomas Kay Homes in 2003 which became Thomas Kay Realty in 2004.

Thomas Kay Realty survived the real estate meltdown by specializing in the representation of sellers that wanted the best in representation when selling their homes as short sales. Ron developed a system and forms that helped him and his agents successfully close over 100 short sales in the years following the crash. Ron knew he had to think outside the box to survive so he hired a Property Manager with a nice book of business and started Thomas Kay’s Property Management Division.

However, with residential sales still lagging, unless you were doing Short Sales, and listings still not selling as the market headed for the bottom, Ron did what most Brokers would not do… Ron hired an old friend that had been licensed since the 60’s and had worked in the Timeshare industry since the 1990’s. Russell Kanner then became the Director of Thomas Kay’s Timeshare Resale Division.

Please consider us when thinking of doing anything Real Estate. We have an experienced, dedicated staff of agents ready to work for you. At Thomas Kay Realty, you can alway EXPECT THE BEST.